My name is Aygul (Айгуль), it is translated from tatar language as "moon flower" and is pronounced similar to i-pod, i-pad... i-gul! :))

I quit my job as a graphic designer and started tattooing in the middle of 2012, it happened fast and blew my world! I picked up some knowledge, technique and equipment from R.T.E. studio in Moscow and after that been working in St.Petersburg for a while. Moving from Russia to Denmark brought me to work at Tatosvenden (ex-Dark Art Tattoo) and then to Meatshop Tattoo, where my current style started to form. In 2015 I found a new home at Wicked Workshop Tattoo, had a great time working with the guys in that super cozy place. 

Starting January 2016 you can find me at Bright Side Tattoo. I like trying different styles and my current favorites are sketchy and watercolor inspired by nature, wrapped in geometrical or ornamental layers. 

Next best thing after tattooing and drawing? Karaoke!